• pISSN : 1226-6027
  • eISSN : 2288-4548
  • Editor-in-Chief : Jai-ick Yoh
    (Seoul National University)

Aims & Scope

This Journal is a bimonthly publication of the Korean Society of Propulsion
Engineers (KSPE), articles of which are selected for publication through a
peer-review process based upon the judgement of originality, quality of
exposition, and significance of the results.
It is devoted to the advancement of the science and technology not only of
aerospace propulsion but also of all sorts of power directly related to
propulsion, through the dissemination of original research papers and
review articles contributing to advancements in airbreathing, electric, and
advanced propulsion; solid, liquid, and hybrid rockets; fuels, high energy
materials, and propellants; power generation and conversion for aerospace
vehicles and waterborne vessels; and the application of propulsion
engineering to terrestrial energy devices and systems.
This Journal aims to provide readers with primary interests in propulsion
area ranging from research through development to applications.
Papers of theoretical, computational, and experimental research in those
disciplines and also the sciences of combustion, fluid mechanics, heat
transfer, guidance and control, and structural mechanics as directly related
to propulsive power and energy systems are solicited.