Guidelines for Manuscript Writing

1. The guide for authors is intended to describe the submission of articles which might be published in the Journal of the Korean Society of Propulsion Engineers (hereafter 쁊SPE).

2. The types of manuscripts are specified as follows. Research papers should be original and reliable, and should contribute to the academic development of aerospace and propulsion engineering. Technical papers should focus on the application of aerospace and propulsion engineering.

3. All authors (including the corresponding author and co-authors), except foreign authors, overseas co-authors or non-member authors with the approval of the editor-in-chief of the Journal of the KSPE, who wish to contribute to the Journal of the KSPE should be members who have paid the annual membership fees of the KSPE in the current year.

4. Submission of an article implies that the work described has not been published previously and that it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

5. Authors should prepare manuscripts in either Hangul or MS Word format and submit them through the KSPE셲 website (http://www.kspe.org). Submitted manuscripts must adhere to the Journal of the KSPE template.

6. Authors should comply with the Ethics Regulations of the Journal of the KSPE. The manuscript should be submitted with Authors Checklist. Copyright Transfer Agreement should be signed by all co-authors and be submitted upon acceptance for publication. Electronic files for the checklist and the copyright transfer agreement can be downloaded on the KSPE셲 website (http://www.kspe.org).

7. The date of receipt of the manuscript will mark the beginning of the review process, assuming that it meets the guidelines for writing a manuscript (http://www.kspe.org). The accepted date is when the review is finished and the final decision is made as accepted. The accepted paper will be published in accordance with the review regulations set forth by the Editorial Board of the Journal of the KSPE.

8. The manuscript can be written either in Korean or in English.

9. The page size of the submitted manuscript should be 190 X 260 mm. The standard article length, including tables and figures, is eight pages, and the minimum length is six pages.

10. Papers should be written in the following order: (1) Korean title; (2) Korean author names and affiliations (Mark with a, b, c for each affiliation and * for the corresponding author); (3) English title; (4) English author names and affiliations; (5) Corresponding author셲 e-mail address; (6) English abstract; (7) Korean abstract; (8) Keywords in English with Korean equivalents in parentheses; (9) Received/revised/accepted dates in English; (10) Nomenclature (if applicable); (11) Introduction; (12) Body; (13) Conclusion; (14) Acknowledgements; (15) References; and (16) Appendix.

11. The corresponding author is responsible for revising the manuscript and paying all fees, including the publication fee, related to the submission.

12. Concise and factual abstracts are required. The Korean abstract should consist of one paragraph within 500 characters (or 7 lines), and the English abstract should consist of one paragraph within 200 words (or 7 lines). The abstracts should not include any figures, tables, references, and abbreviations.

13. Tables and figures (including photos) are recommended to be placed on the top or bottom of the page where they are quoted and described in the text, and the titles and captions of tables and figures should be written in English. Tables and figures (including photos) should be numbered consecutively in accordance with their appearance in the text. Uniform and proper lettering and sizing of original artwork and tables should be used so that they can be clearly printed even if they are reduced. For a detailed guide on artwork, tables and equations authors should refer to the Journal of the KSPE template.

14. All publications cited in the text should be presented in a list of references following the text of the manuscript and be written in English. References should be indicated in the text by full-size numbers in brackets, e.g., [1], [2,3] and [4-10], and should be numbered in the order cited. The numbered (in brackets) reference list should conform to the following style. Journal articles: authors, article title, journal title, volume/number, cited pages, and published year. Books: authors, book title, edition, publisher, publisher location, cited pages, and published year. For a detailed guide on reference style and examples authors should refer to the Journal of the KSPE template.

15. Arabic numbers should be used, and the international system of units (SI) should be used for all quantities.

16. One set of page proofs sent to the corresponding author should be used only for checking the typesetting, editing, completeness and correctness of the text, tables and figures. Any other changes to the article as accepted for publication will only be considered with permission from the Editorial Board of the Journal of the KSPE.

17. Authors should pay the publication fee as specified for the paper being published in the Journal of the KSPE. In addition, for papers exceeding the standard length or of the research performed with external financial support, the authors should pay an extra publication fee.

18. The corresponding author, at no cost, will be provided with 30 copies of the article offprint. For an extra charge, additional paper offprints can be ordered via the offprint order form which is sent once the article is accepted for publication and the first proof-reading is requested.

19. The Journal of the KSPE is published six times a year. The issue dates of the publication shall be the last days of February, April, June, August, October and December.

20. Copyright of all the articles published in the Journal of the KSPE belongs to the KSPE.

씠 洹쒖젙 븳援異붿쭊怨듯븰쉶吏쓽 異쒗뙋 뾽臾대 泥닿퀎쟻씠怨 슚쑉쟻쑝濡 닔뻾븯湲 쐞빐 끉臾몄쓽 닾怨좎슂졊쓣 洹쒖젙븯뒗 寃껋쓣 紐⑹쟻쑝濡 븳떎.
븳援異붿쭊怨듯븰쉶吏뿉 닾怨좏븯뒗 끉臾몄 뿰援щ끉臾(Research Paper)怨 湲곗닠끉臾(Technical Paper)쑝濡 遺꾨쪟븳떎. 뿰援щ끉臾몄뿉뒗 異붿쭊怨듯븰 遺꾩빞쓽 룆李쎌쟻 뿰援щ 닔뻾븳 궡슜쑝濡 떊猶곗꽦怨 븰닠쟻씤 媛移섍 엳뒗 궡슜씠 諛섎뱶떆 룷븿릺뼱빞 븳떎. 湲곗닠끉臾몄 洹 궡슜씠 쓳슜뿉 以묒젏쓣 몦 寃껋씠嫄곕굹 듅젙 遺꾩빞쓽 湲곗닠쁽솴쓣 넻李고븯뒗 湲곗닠쁽솴蹂닿퀬 벑쑝濡 븳떎.
끉臾 닾怨좎옄寃⑹ 썝移숈쟻쑝濡 닾怨좎옄 諛 怨듬룞옄 紐⑤몢媛 떦빐뀈룄 쉶鍮꾨 궔遺븳 븳援異붿쭊怨듯븰쉶 쉶썝씠뼱빞 븳떎. 떒, 쇅援씤씠嫄곕굹 쇅援뿉 嫄곗<븯뒗 怨듬룞옄, 삉뒗 렪吏묒쐞썝옣씠 듅蹂꾪엳 씤젙븳 옄뒗 삁쇅濡 븷 닔 엳떎.
닾怨좊끉臾몄 떎瑜 븰쉶吏 諛 怨듦컻 異쒗뙋臾쇱뿉꽌 떖궗 以묒씠嫄곕굹 諛쒗몴릺吏 븡 寃껋씠뼱빞 븳떎.
닾怨좊끉臾몄 븳援異붿쭊怨듯븰쉶吏 끉臾 뀥뵆由(template)뿉 뵲씪 옉꽦븯뿬 븰쉶 솃럹씠吏(http://www.kspe.org) 끉臾 닾怨좎떆뒪뀥쓣 넻븯뿬 삩씪씤쑝濡 긽떆 닾怨좏븷 닔 엳떎.
蹂 븰쉶吏뿉 끉臾몄쓣 닾怨좏븷 븣 옄 紐⑤몢뒗 븳援異붿쭊怨듯븰쉶 쑄由ш퇋젙쓣 以닔븯뿬빞 븯硫 蹂몄씤씠 닾怨좏븳 끉臾 궡슜쓽 젙吏곸꽦, 젙솗꽦, 吏꾩떎꽦쓣 솗씤븯뿬빞 븳떎. 援먯떊옄뒗 紐⑤뱺 옄瑜 몴븯뿬 닾怨 떆뿉 옄젏寃몴瑜 젣異쒗빐빞 븯怨, 寃뚯옱媛 솗젙맂 썑 珥덇탳 떆뿉 옉沅 씠뼇룞쓽꽌瑜 젣異쒗븯뿬빞 븳떎.
닾怨좊끉臾몄쓽 젒닔씪 븰쉶 궗臾닿뎅씠 끉臾명닾怨좎슂嫄댁쓣 솗씤븳 떆젏쑝濡 븳떎. 梨꾪깮씪 끉臾몄떖궗 洹쒖젙뿉 뵲씪 떖궗媛 셿猷뚮맂 썑 寃뚯옱媛 솗젙맂 궇濡 븳떎. 寃뚯옱 뿬遺뒗 끉臾몄떖궗 洹쒖젙뿉 뵲씪 젙븳떎.
끉臾몄쓽 옉꽦뼵뼱뒗 援臾몄쓣 썝移숈쑝濡 븯굹, 쁺臾몃룄 媛뒫븯떎. 끉臾몃챸怨 옄紐낆뿉 엳뼱 쁺臾명몴湲곌 遺덇뒫븳 뼱쐶쓽 寃쎌슦 濡쒕쭏옄 몴湲곕 썝移숈쑝濡 븳떎.
썝怨 洹쒓꺽 '媛濡 190 mm x 꽭濡 260 mm' 씠떎. 끉臾몄쓽 遺꾨웾 몴, 洹몃┝뱾쓣 룷븿븯뿬 씤뇙硫댁닔 8硫댁쓣 湲곗 洹쒖젙硫댁닔濡 븯怨, 5硫 씠븯쓽 끉臾몄 떖궗긽 삁鍮꾩쟻빀꽦룊媛瑜 넻븯뿬 썝移숈쟻쑝濡 섍쾶옱遺덇 泥섎━븳떎.
끉臾몄쓽 泥댁젣뒗 떎쓬쓽 닚꽌濡 옉꽦븿쓣 썝移숈쑝濡 븳떎. 몺 젣紐 諛 옄, 냼냽 몼 珥덈줉, 빑떖뼱 몾 湲고샇꽕紐 몿 꽌濡, 蹂몃줎, 寃곕줎 뫀 썑湲 뫁 李멸퀬臾명뿄 뫂 遺濡 諛 湲고. 떒, 븰쉶뿉꽌 젣怨듯븯뒗 끉臾명뀥뵆由우뿉 뵲씪 쐞 몺, 몼 빆쓽 쁺臾몄씠 諛섎뱶떆 룷븿릺뼱빞 븳떎.
援먯떊옄뒗 끉臾몄썝怨좎쓽 蹂댁셿 諛 援먯젙, 寃뚯옱猷 궔遺 벑 떊泥끉臾몄쓽 젣諛 궗빆뿉 븯뿬 梨낆엫쓣 吏꾨떎.
끉臾몄쓽 珥덈줉 뿰援щぉ쟻, 뿰援щ궡슜 諛 뿰援ш껐怨쇨 씪紐⑹슂뿰븯寃 몴쁽맆 닔 엳룄濡 援臾(400옄 씠궡) 諛 쁺臾(150떒뼱 씠궡) 媛곴컖 븳 臾몃떒쑝濡 옉꽦릺뼱빞 븯硫, 룄몴, 臾명뿄 씤슜몴떆, 빟뼱 벑쓣 룷븿븯吏 븡븘빞 븳떎.
몴 諛 洹몃┝(궗吏 룷븿) 蹂몃Ц 以묒뿉꽌 씤슜 꽕紐낇븳 履쎌쓽 긽떒 삉뒗 븯떒뿉 쐞移섏떆궎뒗 寃껋쓣 沅뚯옣븯硫, 몴 諛 洹몃┝쓽 젣紐⑷낵 꽕紐낆 쁺臾몄쓣 궗슜븯뒗 寃껋쓣 썝移숈쑝濡 븳떎. 몴 諛 洹몃┝(궗吏 룷븿) 踰덊샇닚뿉 뵲씪 蹂몃Ц 以묒뿉꽌 諛섎뱶떆 씤슜릺怨 꽕紐낅릺뼱빞 븳떎. 몴 諛 洹몃┝(꽑쓽 援듦린, 湲옄 諛 湲고샇쓽 겕湲 룷븿) 吏곸젒 씤뇙떆 異뺤냼 議곗젙븯뜑씪룄 꽑紐낇븯寃 굹궇 닔 엳룄濡 긽깭媛 醫뗭 썝蹂몄쓣 궗슜븯뿬빞 븳떎. 닔떇 벑 湲고 뼇떇 뀥뵆由우쓣 李몄“븳떎.
李멸퀬臾명뿄 蹂몃Ц 留먮몄뿉 쁺臾몄쑝濡 굹뿴븯릺 蹂몃Ц뿉꽌 李멸퀬臾명뿄씠 泥섏쓬 씤슜릺뒗 닚꽌濡 踰덊샇瑜 湲곗엯븯怨 씤슜臾 삤瑜몄そ뿉 [1], [2,3], [4-10]怨 媛숈씠 몴湲고븳떎. 李멸퀬臾명뿄쓽 몴湲곕뒗 젙湲곌컙뻾吏쓽 寃쎌슦 옄紐, 젣紐⑸챸, 吏紐, 沅뚢ㅽ샇踰덊샇, 履쎈쾲샇, 諛쒓컙뀈 닚쑝濡, 떒뻾蹂몄쓽 寃쎌슦 옄紐, 꽌紐, 뙋踰덊샇, 異쒗뙋궗紐, 異쒗뙋궗 냼옱吏紐, 諛쒓컙뀈 닚쑝濡 湲곗옱븳떎. 李멸퀬臾명뿄쓽 援ъ껜쟻씤 몴湲곕갑떇 뀥뵆由우쓽 삁瑜 뵲瑜몃떎.
닽옄뒗 븘씪鍮꾩븘 닽옄濡 옉꽦븯硫, SI 떒쐞怨 궗슜쓣 썝移숈쑝濡 븳떎.
援먯젙 珥덇탳뿉 븳븯뿬 옄媛 뻾븿쓣 썝移숈쑝濡 븯硫, 珥덇탳 以 썝怨좎쓽 궡슜 썝移숈쟻쑝濡 蹂삎릺嫄곕굹 깉濡쒖씠 異붽맆 닔 뾾떎. 떒, 렪吏 泥댁젣긽 븘슂븯떎怨 씤젙릺뒗 궗빆 렪吏묒쐞썝쉶뿉꽌 씠瑜 援먯젙븷 닔 엳떎.
븰쉶吏뿉 寃뚯옱맂 끉臾몄뿉 빐꽌 援먯떊옄뒗 냼젙쓽 寃뚯옱猷뚮 궔遺빐빞 븳떎.
끉臾몄쓽 蹂꾩뇙뒗 30遺源뚯 臾댁긽 젣怨듬릺硫, 珥덇탳떆뿉 援먯떊옄媛 븘슂 遺닔瑜 떊泥븳떎. 異붽遺꾩뿉 빐꽌뒗 洹 떎鍮꾨 吏뺤닔븳떎.
븰쉶吏 諛쒓컙 뿰媛 6쉶濡 븯硫, 諛쒗뻾씪 2썡, 4썡, 6썡, 8썡, 10썡, 12썡쓽 媛 留먯씪濡 븳떎.
蹂 븰쉶吏뿉 寃뚯옱맂 끉臾몄쓽 옉沅뚯 븳援異붿쭊怨듯븰쉶뿉 洹냽맂떎.